Canon SD Card Video Recovery: How to Undelete Lost Videos

Did you accidentally removed SD card videos from your Canon digital camera or camcorder? Isn’t the SD card responding? Want to get those lost or deleted videos again in one safe place but don’t have idea how to?

An SD card is used by Canon digital cameras or camcorder to record videos and store at the same time. These are secondary storage drives which are similar in structure and function alike a hard drive used in a computer system. If you have lost videos from the card due to your own unintentional mistake or because the card gone corrupted or damaged, Canon Sd card video recovery is still possible and that also without any loss of quality. This blog will enlist a set of possible solutions that you can use in order to recover your videos with ease. So, just stay in through.

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Conditions under which videos can get deleted or inaccessible

  • If the SD card is corrupted
  • If the card is physically or virtually damaged
  • If card being used is faulty
  • Software malfunctions might also result in the same
  • Unintentional mistakes by a user; for example you deleted or pressed a wrong button on the camera
  • If the digital camera malfunctions

Do’s and Don’ts

  1. Do – Check for a backup of the videos if there are any, because that would ease work of video recovery
  2. Don’t – Make sure not to do any kind of overwriting work such as recording or saving videos and photos in the card.

Often people live in misconception that if videos from a Canon SD card gets deleted, then it is impossible to restore them back no matter how desperate they try. However, this fact can be true in conditions if you overwritten the card after all this happened. But otherwise, it is all the way possible.

How exactly Canon SD card video recovery can be performed?

First of all, isolate the card and do not in any condition use the same for saving recordings, videos or movies. Do either of these things to recover videos from Canon SD card.

Well, nothing is best than an updated backup of data. If you have one, then you have nothing to worry about. Just format the card and use a backup to restore the videos.

Dont’ have a backup to restore? In that case, the best option is using a professional Canon Video recovery software. These tools are made with sophisticated programming to recover any size, format of videos such as MTS, the default video format for Canon camcorders out of your Canon SD cards. The tool will not only help you to restore videos and but you can recuperate photos and audio files from Canon digital camera too. These tools are compatible with Mac and Windows OS versions as well.

Free Download Windows Free Download Mac

User Guide to Run Video Recovery Software on Windows PC

Step 1 : Launch the application and  then attach the media to the computer. From the main Window of software click on start scan button.

Step 2 : Select the required drive to be scanned for recovery and then click on start scan. You can also choose Advance Scan option to customize the recovery on the basis of file types.

Step 3 : Now the list of all supported file types will be displayed. Select the file types that want to recover and then click on start scan.

Step 4 : The software will scan the selected media and provide you the preview of recoverable files.

Step 5 : Once the scanning is complete, the list of recovered files are listed in folders according to file types. Now select any files to see its preview.

Step 6 : Now, select the destination to save the files and click on ‘OK’. All the files will be saved at the selected location.

Free Download Windows Free Download Mac
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